Daka China 2024: International Visitors Impressed by “Crystal Kingdom” in East China

As part of the "Daka China 2024 - Modern Fashion and Ancient Charm in Jiangsu" international online communication event, a group of foreign influencers visited the Donghai Crystal Museum and the Crystal City in Donghai County, Lianyungang, discovering the rise of this "Crystal Kingdom" in East China.

In the museum, Brazilian student Murong Xue gained a deep understanding of the slogan "Crystals from around the world gather in Donghai, and Donghai crystals reach the world" after seeing crystals from Brazil on display.

The variety of crystals available in Crystal City, including nail art, custom jewelry, accessories, furniture, and raw stones, left her amazed. "I never expected that such a small county like Donghai would have so many types of crystals, and their uses are so diverse," she said.

Today, Donghai County has developed a modern industrial chain encompassing raw stone procurement, crystal processing, creative development, market sales, cultural exhibitions, and warehousing logistics. With the rapid growth of the "Internet+" new economy, a comprehensive "online + offline" sales system has been established here.

Murong Xue also noted a significant detail: "Even in a small shop here, they promote their products through live streaming. I think this is very impressive."

Reflecting on her time in Jiangsu, Murong Xue said, "Over the past few days, I've talked to many people and visited many places. I discovered that every city we checked in, even the smallest places, has its own unique highlights, and many are famous worldwide. China truly is a land of opportunities and business prospects everywhere."


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