DYU C6: Not only an electric bike, but also a new choice for smart mobility

In the fast-paced urban life, finding a way to travel that is both environmentally friendly and intelligent has become a new pursuit of contemporary people. In response to this demand, DYU of the Netherlands has launched the C6 26-inch urban electric bike, which is not only an electric bike, but also a new choice for smart travel.


Intelligent technology, leading the future of travel

The DYU C6 uses advanced intelligent technology to provide riders with an unprecedented intelligent experience. The vehicle is equipped with an intelligent torque sensor that can intelligently adjust the motor output according to the pedal frequency and force of the rider, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride. In addition, the C6 is also equipped with an intelligent APP control system, users can monitor the status of the vehicle in real time through the mobile APP, including power, speed, mileage, etc., and can also remotely lock the car and anti-theft alarm, greatly improving the convenience and safety of use.

Excellent performance to meet diverse needs

The C6's performance is equally impressive. It is equipped with a 350W high-efficiency motor and a 36V, 12.5Ah high-capacity lithium-ion battery, which not only provides strong power, but also has a range of up to 30-37 miles. Whether it's a daily commute or a weekend outing, the C6 handles it with ease. The front fork damping system and the SHIMANO 7-speed transmission system ensure a comfortable riding experience in different road conditions.


Safe and reliable, guard every journey

In terms of security, the C6 is impeccable. It uses a front and rear hydraulic disc brake system to ensure braking effect in various weather and road conditions. The vehicle is also equipped with LED headlights and taillights, which guarantee good visibility and safety both day and night.

Humanized design, fit urban life

The C6 is designed with the convenience of urban living in mind. Its lightweight folding design makes the vehicle easy to carry and store, making it ideal for urban living environments. The vehicle's luggage rack is designed to provide additional convenience for daily commuting and shopping. Adjustable seats and handlebars also ensure adaptability to different rider heights and riding positions.


In introducing the C6, DYU spokesperson Li Na said: "We believe that the C6 is not just an electric bike, it is a new choice for smart mobility. It combines intelligent technology, superior performance, safety, reliability and user-friendly design to perfectly adapt to the needs of modern urban life."

With the increasing attention to environmental protection and smart travel methods, DYU C6 is becoming the first choice for more and more urban residents with its unique intelligent features and excellent performance. It is not only a kind of travel tool, but also a reflection of life attitude.

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