BAK Battery presented at CIBF (China International Battery Fair), empowering green life with “Battery Cell” innovation

From April 27 to 29, 2024, the 16th China International Battery Fair (CIBF 2024) was held in the Chongqing International Expo Center. Domestic and international experts and entrepreneurs in related fields gathered together to share the latest technical achievements and application cases, and discussed development strategies to promote industrial optimization and upgrading. As one of the leading lithium enterprises in China, Shenzhen BAK Power Battery Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “BAK Battery”) was invited to attend the event and ready to make an appearance highlighting its comprehensive and diversified product matrix, presenting the strategic layout of the whole lithium industry chain and the latest market progress.

BAK launched comprehensive and diversified product matrix in CIBF 2024

“China International Battery Fair is a key platform for the global battery industry to share scientific and technological achievements and describe a blueprint for green development. BAK Battery has attended the exhibition for many consecutive years, and this time BAK Battery also showcase the latest technological innovations and deep insights into the market. The lithium industry is currently waiting for deep adjustments to cope with overcapacity and price wars, but also looking forward to taking this opportunity to deepen cooperation with upstream and downstream partners in the global industry chain. BAK Battery looks forward to new industry growth points, and jointly promotes the prosperity of the global new energy industry.” said Li Fengmei, Vice President of BAK Battery.

After more than 20 years of exploration and accumulation, BAK Battery has become a global leader in the cylindrical lithium battery industry, with products and services covering a wide range of fields such as light mobility and intelligent terminals, energy storage, consumer digital products, green mobility, aerospace, etc., helping many domestic and foreign enterprises and hundreds of millions of families to create a better green zero-carbon life. This year, BAK Battery has also been actively engaged in four business lines, including large cylindrical, small cylindrical, polymer and energy storage, demonstrating strong continuous innovation capacity and market competitiveness. Numerous star products from BAK Battery were on display at the exhibition.

BAK Battery’s continuous tab large cylindrical product was one of the star products on display, which has been updated to the third generation, and features further improved product performance which perfectly matches the “rigid demand” of new energy vehicles for safety, energy density and fast charging. This series of products was scheduled for mass production by the end of 2024, with an expected capacity of 2.5GWh. In addition, the recently released third generation of BAK Battery’s small cylindrical battery products were exhibited to the public for the first time. The original design of the continuous tab features six characteristics: high power, low internal resistance, low temperature rise, fast charging, long cycling and high capacity, targeting three major market: smart life, power tools and micro-transportation travel, thus helping to upgrade the user experience across the board. Furthermore, BAK Battery also brought a wide range of polymer battery products, prismatic batteries with multi-material system, and various energy storage application solutions to CIBF2024. These efforts showcased the continuation to provide long-lasting and reliable power energy for the whole scenarios of smart home and digital lifestyle, and explored a more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective path of energy storage development.

In the future, BAK Battery will continue to be committed to promoting the advancement of lithium battery technology and contributing to the development of new energy industry in China and worldwide. With continuous innovation and deepened cooperation, BAK Battery takes practical actions to interpret the commitment and pursuit of Chinese lithium enterprises in the era of green energy.

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